Saturday, 15 December 2012

Welcome to the Muritai M.A.T.CHbox!

Muritai M.A.T.CHbox has arrived! Come and explore and ignite your creative spark within! Students, teachers and parents alike can use the M.A.T.CHbox as a source of inspiration and a place to share amazing ideas, work and talents.
This blog is accessible to all but is specifically aimed at our children who have been identified as M.A.T.CH (Muritai Able and Talented Children). 

What does this mean?
More Able children are those who demonstrate a significantly higher level of ability than most children of the same age in one or more of the statutory curriculum areas such as Mathematics, Literacy, Science and Inquiry.
Talented students are children who display talent in one or more of the following areas – Art, Performing Arts, Music, and PE. 

Our Vision

  • To provide a differentiated provision, in and out of the classroom, for more able learners.
  • To provide alternative, personalised learning pathways for the more able and talented.
  • To be accessible for all.
  • To raise standards and provide challenge through a range of learning opportunities.

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