Saturday, 15 December 2012

Video of the Week - Simple Ideas + Creative Thinking = Amazing Results..

Each week on the M.A.T.CHbox there will be a video to ignite some questions, curiosities and wonderment in our readers minds. Our first offering explores how coupling a simple idea with some creative thinking can produce amazing results.

Sometimes it is the simplest ideas that are the most effective. An example of this is an award winning ad for a Sony Bravia TV. 

The idea? 
Find a really steep street, release a quarter of a million coloured bouncy balls at the top and film. No computer graphics or trickery, just plain filming, slowed down and put to music with the hook line "colour like no other." 

The result? 
An amazing film and quadrupled sales for Sony. Sit back, relax, watch for yourself and then see the second video to watch how it was all done. 

How different would this scene have looked without gravity?!
Next time you sit down to plan a project, consider how you could use a simple idea to create amazing results.

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